Saturday, January 20, 2007

Day +72

WBC 2.4
ANC 1245

Sorry this is late but it has been a little busy here. Dani is maintaining on the rash. It is not getting worse or better. Obviously her numbers were a little better on Friday. She is still acting fine. She just this week started saying Mama, Night Night, and trying Puppy. She gets the Pu out and acts like she knows there is more to it. No luck on fingers foods though. She stubbornly sticks to 2nd stage baby food.

Jason and I got a night out last night thanks to my niece Trish. We met up with another couple and had a wonderful time!!! It was nice to have some adult conversation and let loose.

My niece Erin's bridal shower was today and it was fun. Jason was home with the kids and survived well. We are waiting to see what the weather is going to bring tonight. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Dani goes back to clinic Monday and we are hoping for higher numbers again.

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Janet Downey said...

Kelli - baby girl looks just like your husband!! It's amazing how much she looks like Jason did when he was a baby! I love the pic. You both look very happy to be together. I hope all keeps going well and hope to see you guys soon.

I know your world is insane right now but pencil in the golf tourney in June for the 23rd (Sat). I would like to donate all the funds to Dani this year. I will get you more info and a flyer as I get there.

I am also working on organizing a run with some of my coworkers and friends for Dani. I will update you on that as well.

Love you much,
Aunt Janet