Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Eye Exam and Update on Search

Dani did very well today. We got up at 4:30 this morning to chug Apple Juice before the cut off of 5:00. She had to be at the hospital by 6:30. When we got there we answered the usual questions from all the doctors and nurses. You would think they have that information in her chart but maybe they are just making sure nothing is missing.

She was only gone for 30 minutes. They used the restaurant style beeper to let us know she was in recovery and we could come back. I went back and Jason stayed with the stroller. When I got back there I heard her and another little boy loud and clear. Never of them were very happy. The nurse was trying to give her Pedialyte which she had never had and was not willing to try. I took her and the nurse offered us apple juice instead. Now we are talking.

I am not sure what the little boy had done but they had used his hand that he normally sucks his thumb on for the IV and he could not get it in his mouth. BIG MISTAKE!!! He was not a happy camper.

Dani took a little apple juice but still was not very happy. We will blame it on lack of sleep, hungry, anesthesia, and dilated eyes. I can not say I blame her. They made us stay in recovery about 10 minutes and then off to get Daddy and back to Same Day Surgery. Once we got there it was formula time. So much better!!!! Dani took her medicine (for her heart) and drank quite a bit and then finally fell asleep.

While she was sleeping the opthomologist (Dr. Tyschen) came in. Dani has severe nearsightedness. Her prescription is -17 in one eye and -14 in the other. To put that in perspective I am a -9.5 and without contact can not see anything. Her first prescription was -2.5 ... how wrong is that? We mentioned having a hard time being able to keep her glasses on her. As soon as you get them on, even with a sport band, she pulls them down to her mouth to suck on. He said that was common but could be an issue with development so if it continued to be a concern we would have to look at corrective surgery. She also has minimal corneal clouding which is not a problem currently but something to keep an eye on.

We were able to take her glasses back and get new lenses ordered so that she will have her glasses Thursday. And then the battle begin to keep them on. Wish us luck ... lol

Ok .. update on finding a match. We still have not heard anything back about cord blood matches. They are requesting samples of some of the 5 out of 6 matches from the unrelated adult bone marrow. Jason and I are not to enthused with that move but we are waiting to see what happens.

Also we choose a development therapist thru the First Steps program to come out monthly and check out how Dani is doing. Those visit will either start this month or in August.

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