Saturday, July 22, 2006

Quick Update

Hi All,

Nothing really new to report on finding a match. I have not received any updates from the hospital. Dani did really well yesterday during her ERT. We had a pretty good storm blow through when we were there but it did not interrupt her infusion.

We have had no electric for 3 days now. Ice seems to be a high commidity. There is no end in site according to the AmerenUE map. The numbers in Florissant keep going up and not down. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr . At least the weather cooled down.

Hope you all are comfortable and enjoying the weekend. I need to update about the August fundraiser and will soon. Looks like we will do prepaid tickets because we have limited indoor space. If you would like a ticket send me an email at the link to the right.

Oh... they just called yesterday and her glasses are ready. We will be picking them up Monday. They had to redo them two times so that is what took so long. The picture above is just a cute one of Dani sleeping on her Dad. Talk to you all soon I hope.

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