Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend Update

Well, It was quite a warm one this weekend. Our airconditioning had a hard time keeping up. I hope all kept as cool as they could.

Friday Miss Dani decided that she was going to keep Daddy busy at her ERT. She was not the happiest but they made it through. Her site for her C-Line is swollen and the doctors checked her out. There is no sign of infection but they are going to have the home nurse check it Monday to make sure it still looks okay. She is now rolling all ways and Daddy and I think she is irritating the site with her movements. So we are going to have to do a better job of protecting it.

Jason talked to the Yvonne (Nurse Practioner) and I talked to Amy (Bone Marrow Coordinator) on Friday. They said they are requesting samples of 6 (5 out of 6) adult bone marrow matches to do further testing. They also said they found some 4 out of 6 matches from the cord blood bank. One in paticular has a high cell count and they are going to do further test on that. They said it would be a couple more weeks before we know more.

Her glasses are still not ready. Hopefully we will be able to pick them up Monday.

Please say a prayer for Syndey VanHook. She just got to go home on Friday to Bloomington Illinois from Kansas City MO after completing her 100 days post transplant. This weekend she ended up in St. Jude's with a fever. I will post her website below.

We are having another fundraiser August 11th. I will post the information on Dani's Website. This will be an indoor event and as things progress I will update here.

Also do not forget the bone marrow drive this Wednesday. The information is posted on the entry below this. Hope you all have a safe and cool week!!!

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