Sunday, July 30, 2006

1st Tooth and Crawling

Well we had the pleasure of our first bout with teething this weekend. Miss Dani was in a fine mood with her first tooth breaking through. She is also mobile. She has the army crawl down perfectly now. She even managed to gain her first crawling injury (just a small red spot below the eye).

There was nothing new on the search. I will post as soon as I get some new information on that. If I did not mention it before they are now looking internationally also.

We have appointments set up in August and September for pretransplant testing. The August appointment is her developmental test and the September will be for her hearing. She also has a cardiologist appointment in a couple weeks.

I can not believe it is time for school to start again. I have all the boy's supplies bought and will need to go through their clothes soon. They wear uniforms so that is pretty easy.

Keep in mind the August fundraiser is coming up on the 11th. Email me if you need tickets. I hope everyone keeps cool!!!

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