Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day +47

WBC 4.9
Hemoglobin 11.1
Platelets 315
ANC 2842
Weight - 24lbs 13 ozs (Wowser!!!)

Hello All!!!

Clinic today was fine. I was a little concerned about her WBC count going down but Yvonne said she is very happy with Dani's progress. She also said she was sure Dani was going to be in this weekend after her Central Line Disaster but Miss Dani beat the odds again. There really is not too much new to report. The repair to her line worked wonderfully today. We got to visit with quite a few of our regular transplant nurses (Sue, Michelle, and Mary). The only one we missed was Tina and she was our night nurse so if things go well and she keeps her schedule we will not see her (but we miss you!!!!).

Our next clinic visit is next Wednesday. I am hoping for results from her Bone Marrow Biopsy then also. Oh and she will be taken down to steriods once a day tomorrow and once every two days next week. I am hoping this will put an end to her weight gain because I am really getting concerned with her weight gain, her heart meds, and the hospital not increasing them. Our normal cardiologist increased her meds with her weight but since she is gaining because of the steriods they do not want to increase them.

Worrying about stuff is just natural for my side of the family and as soon as I post this I know both Grandmas will call me because I told them all is fine. Dani's blood pressure seemed to be up today. The machine did not like her at all and Cheryl (our reg nurse) had to take her blood pressure manually a few times to prove it was ok. I would just like her to either lose the weight she has gained or for them to increase her meds so that her heart is not strained in anyway. I really am probably being a worry wart but her heart has been my main concern through all of this and I really do not like pushing it.

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