Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cardiologist Visit and Eye Glasses 5/30/06

Isn't she cute? She actually looks cuter in person with her glasses. She got Disney Princess Cinderella glasses. They are wire rimmed with the ear pieces that hook all around the ear. They might stay on ... lol.

Dani's cardio visit went fine. She is considered stable with maybe a small amount of improvement. Dr. Goel definitely said her liver seemed smaller. She goes back in August for another visit.

We are going to have another fundraiser in August. I will let you know more details as I get them. Heather (my niece) is working on that. She already has a lodge in Wentzville reserved.

Just let me say again we are so appreciative of everyone's help and advice. It has been wonderful all the support we have received from all corners of the nation.

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