Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Filling in the Blanks May 15, 2006

May 15th 2006

talked to Lisa Ziegman (Channel 5) on the phone this morning and she referred me to Mike Bush. I emailed Dani's story to both of them so they had all the info. This afternoon Katy Kruze called and she also said Mike Bush was one to talk to so she was also going to email him.

I did file a complaint with the Department of Insurance and will follow up on that tomorrow. They have an expedite service so hopefuly it wont take too long. I talked to the BMT Coordinators and the insurance is saying even with this 2nd and final appeal they still will not be looking at medical necessity. So we will try but obviously we are not getting our hopes up.

I still have a call into the lawyer and am waiting for him to call back.

Dani starts her enzyme therapy on Thursday and on the 23rd she will get a central line put in. She goes to the eye doctor on the 24th and then the cardiologist on the 30th. The believe after this first ERT they will set the weekly date to Fridays and Jason and I will just alternate weeks. I had a meeting with the head of the company this morning and he said do what we have to do and not worry about anything here so that is a relief. We have our labtops and network cards so we can work from the hospital if needed. I will keep you all updated as I can.


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