Monday, May 29, 2006

Trip to the Emergency Room 5/28/06

Well we thought we were going to have a nice relaxing long Memorial Day weekend.

Friday night we noticed that the new dressing over the C-Line incision had a pretty good size bubble in it (it is a clear adhesive patch) and called the home nursing care to see what they thought. They just said to keep an eye on it and if it got worse give them a call.

Saturday night when we were changing her into her night clothes we saw that the bubble was filled with blood. Obviously concerned we called the home nurse again and she talked to us and said that she would come over Sunday Morning and check it out. Until then put a pressure bandage on her chest to see if that helps.

Sunday around 11:30 the nurse came and was very concerned with the amount of blood she saw. She went ahead and changed the dressing put a pressure bandage on it and called Dani's doctor. They decided to let us check it every couple hours and if it bled again (around a quarter size) then to go ahead and call them and then head on in to the Emergency room.

At 9:00 Jason was changing her into her night clothes and noticed there was some blood. He was worried and wanted to head to the Emergency Room just to make sure everything was ok. So off we go.

They got us in a room pretty quickly. They did not like the amount of blood either. They had us go to X-Ray to make sure the C-Line was placed correctly. That came back fine. A doctor from surgery came and changed her dressing and looked it over. A little rough from our perspective but what can we do? Of course it was the usual hour between each visit. They drew some blood to check how well she is clotting. Then a head doctor from surgery came in. They thought it was probably the 1/4 baby aspirin that she takes that is not helping the healing process. The problem is even after we quit giving it to her it stays in her system for 4 or 5 days. They offered to put another stitch in but Jason and I thought that she had been through enough for the weekend and decided to see if it got better with just stopping the aspirin. They also said her white blood cells are up. Normal is 5-15 and her count on Friday was 14.9. Last night they were 19.2. They said the want to keep an eye on that because it could mean she is getting an infection. But it also could just be her body trying hard to heal itself. We go to her heart doctor Tuesday and will confirm with him about the aspirin and have them check it again. We got home at 2:30 Monday morning. Yippee!!!

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