Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Filling in the Blanks May 15, 2006 Part 2

May 15 2006 Part 2

I forgot the main reason for the email. I am trying to find out the cost of typing Dani and getting it out to the registry so we can at least get that rolling. Someone said it would be around $5,000.00 but I am waiting for the exact amount from the Bone Marrow Transplant unit.

Janet, Darren, Laura, & Pat (Jason's Aunts & Uncles) and a couple of their neighbors are working on a fundraiser July 8th. I emailed Heather the info also. They are talking a block party and it was amazing what they already had accomplished. Janet is going to put together a poster with the information and either one of us will email it out when its ready. They are near 94 and Harverster by the water towers. It will just be soo much a head and food/drink will be included and then maybe doing some raffles. I will let her fill you in later.

Thanks soooo much for all the support and it was wonderful hearing of soo many people going to the drive this weekend.


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