Monday, October 16, 2006

Another Long Day

The pictures above are Dani with her Cousin Kendyl who is exactly 1 month younger than Dani .. although she was born 6 weeks early (if I remember correctly) Arent they cute????

It was a dreary rainy day today. We got to the hospital around 10:30 for our 11:00 appt. We got in around 11:20 and actually it went pretty quick. Her left eye is turning in so we have to put a patch on her right eye for 2 hours each day. We have to come back the 27th of December to discuss surgery. They are not only talking about doing a lens transplant but they have to work on her eye muscle also. I was suprised they were talking about doing it so quickly but he did not seem like it would be an issue. We will talk to HEMOC about it also.

We then went to talk to the pediatric pyschologist. She just wanted to see how I was dealing with everything. As I have said before just one day at a time.

Well we were on our way to take my mom home ... about 30 minutes from the hospital and Amy called. She was hoping we were still there because they forgot to do the viral check on Friday and it has to be done before Wednesday. So I get the pleasure of going back to the hospital tomorrow morning by 9:30. She then informed me that I had to pick up an antiobotic for Dani today for her to take before her dentist appointment tomorrow. So we dropped Mom off and headed home.

Carpet installation was today and when I got home all I could do was drop Dani off with Jason because I had to be at school to talk to Ethan's teacher at 3:30. I hit Walgreens before it because the line into the school was so long .. grabbed her patches while I was there. I then talked to his teacher, grabbed the boys from latch key and headed home. What a mess !!!! I wont even go into all the details with that but they will finish up tomorrow and hopefully I can get the house back in shape before Wednesday. Anyway had to meet with Gabe's teacher at 6:30 so I am finally home!!!! Dani has been sleeping for a couple hours now. She was as tired as I was.

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