Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Sunday Sunday

The first picture is Dani pretending her ring is a phone and the second is her hives on Thursday.

Dani is home !!!! She is doing good. She gained 2 pounds in 4 days during the hospital visit. I believe the reason on that is because all she could do was play in her crib, play on the bench in the room, and eat... NO EXCERCISE ALLOWED!!!! I know during her 4 week or longer stay therapist will come in to help her work out but not during this 4 day stint. ANYWAY we are so glad she is home and she has been sleeping since we have been home. I picked up all her meds except one from Walgreens and we will enjoy our week and a half reprieve.

Ummmm Did I mention GO CARDS!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad things seem to be moving along. We will keep thinking of you and Dani.