Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dani did better today. They kept her on two different nausea medicine for the rest of the time and that seemed to help. She slept pretty well last night and she did not sleep (maybe an hour total) today. She was 10 minutes from being done with the 6 hour infusion and broke out in hives. They did not bother her too much but her face was all broke out. She did a lot better today than yesterday. Jason is staying with her tonight and when I left her face looked pretty good. Each day they will up the concentration of Campath so we will see how she does tomorrow. She is not impressed with the toy arrangement or her crib.... this could be a LLLLOOONNNNGGG Hospital stay the next go. It will be worse then. Can not wait till Sunday and then X-mas ... sorry to make your guys year go quickly.

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