Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tentative Date

First off .... Dani's Cardiologist visit did not go as I was hoping. Her heart is not doing as well as the last time we were there. I was hoping that the Enzyme Replacement Therapy would help her heart keep improving. I in general am scared about her Transplant but I am especially worried because her heart is not in tip top shape. Her heart is still doing better than when she was born. The doctor also brought up again about her PDA (which is a heart defect..please google). He mentioned it two appointments ago and said if it did not correct itself she would have to have surgery and it has not. So on top of her heart not improving she will probably have to have heart surgery in the future.

Can you tell today was not a good day?

The hospital called tonight. The donor has gone in for the physical and as long as everything goes well there we are looking at Dani having her transplant on November 9th. So she will go into the hospital Oct. 19th for her first round of treatment.

They let me know tonight that I need to get her to a Dentist before all of this happens (2 weeks) to make sure she has no infections in her mouth. I guess there was miscommunication in the department about whether or not that was needed. All I know is that when I make the boy's appointments we are usually looking at 4 months to get in. I will start that mission in the morning.

I am sure I am forgetting something but I really do not feel like writing anymore. Please keep Dani in your prayers!!!!

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