Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Better and Better

Dani was a little off Monday but today was much better. She is getting back to her old self. I believe the weight gain was due to the steriods they had her on. She leaked quite a bit yesterday and looks a lot less bolated today. She is now on 8 medicines during the day which is quite a bit to keep track of but it helps that we where use to her heart meds before this.

We all got our flu shots this weekend and Monday. Of course the boys started sniffling and coughing yesterday and today. But I am armed with Lysol and Clorox wipes and went to town this morning on everything. I am hoping that is enough to keep baby girl well. Besides that we are just enjoying the time at home.

Special Special Thanks to Scotsman Jewelers on Olive for everything they have done!!!! They have not only donated personally to help Dani but they have created promotions to help raise money. It still amazes us the generiosity of people. I also want to thank my girls from Justmommies for their gift for Dani during her stay in the hospital.

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