Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day -1

Well today started out rough. I went home last night and Jason stayed with Dani. I woke up with a runny nose. So I went ahead and went in and originally they said I could not come back for 48 hours and I had to get on antibotics. I was not taking that well. Anyway I went to the doctor and he prescribed an antibotic and I talked to the nurse practioner through our transplant coordinator. The game plan is I am taking both benadryl and the antibotic, getting rest, drinking fluids and if I am the same or better tomorrow I can go to the hospital. I am not thinking about the alternative.

Dani has done pretty well today. She threw up her heart medications this morning but we let her sleep for a bit and gave them to her again and she (as far as I have heard) have kept everything else down. My mom and niece are visiting with her today and giving Jason a break. Jason said she got a huge smile when she saw Grandma Dunn and Trish walk in.

Tomorrow is the big day!!! I am so ready to get this all behind us. Wish her luck and pray hard please!!!!

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shannon said...

my arms are open wide hugging all of you today!!!!