Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day +5

10:55 am
WBC - 0.3
Hemoglobin - 11.0
Platelets - 85
ANC - 300
Weight - 10.2 kg (22.44 lbs)
Dani had another good night. I will update labs when I get them. She had to have a regular blood draw today to make sure the levels of her anti rejection meds is accurate. They said the central lines can hold on to some medicines and be giving inacurate readings. She did wonderfully and mostly hated laying on her back with the bright light in her eyes. The time she did let us know her displeasure I got a good look in her mouth to see a back tooth coming in and another one coming in on the bottom and NO signs of mouth sores. YEAH!!!! She is still eating well and did gain a little weight today which is wonderful.
Dani got an amazing amount of letters yesterday and please keep them coming or sign her guestbook on her website. I plan on keeping everything and printing out her guestbook and journal to show her how many people rooted and cared about her when she is older.
3:42 pm
Well Miss Dani lost her lunch a couple hours ago. I personally think it was a combo of myself and one of the helpers. She got a little too much formula (more than she is use to) around 11:30 this morning and then around 1:30 or 2:00 I was going to feed her lunch (Green Beans and Hawiian Delight) and the first mouthful of Green Beans she gagged and it all came up. She has since taken 2 more ounces with no issues and I am trying to get her to nap for a bit.
They have concluded that the anti rejection medicine (Cyclosporine) has contimated her red line. That line is usually only used for drawing blood and getting blood products. This morning her line read 200 and the blood from her arm read 50. So I still need to talk to the nurse about what ramifications occur from her missing 3 doses of it. They will flush the red line with IV fluid to get it cleaned out but continue to draw from both her arm and line until they match up. That is all I have for now.


Anonymous said...

Love you in the purple outfit Dani! What a beautiful girl you are!!!!

Keep up the good work babygirl!

Shannon and Charleigh, and Daddy too!

janetdowney said...

Just checking in on our beautiful baby girl, Dani! Keep up the good fight sunshine. We love you very much.

Many prayers coming your way!!
Aunt J, Uncle D, Megan & Jack