Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day +21

Miss Dani is doing well. Still clingy but overall very well. She is just learning her "N's" and I do not think I mentioned this before but will raise her hands over her head to say "So Big" when you ask how big she is. I am making sure to write everything down on her blog because I am printing each month out and keeping it in her baby book.

We have our first winter storm today. The boys and Jason all came home early (around 11:30 am) so I did not have to worry about them (which was wonderful). Jason went out and got Hot Chocolate and stuff for Smores so should be an enjoyable evening.

Pie Eye continues to improve so I will take today and the last few as good days and hope they continue. My Christmas wish is that everyone stays healthy (or gets healthier) and shows love and giving to others. There are so many people in need, please take a moment and help.

My niece Angie passed away between Christmas and New Year 1999. She was a young lady that knew the cards were stacked against her and took the risk for a long life. She was a "Blue Baby" that was not suppose to survive her first year but made it into her twenties and I believe enjoyed every moment of her life. She taught me to enjoy life and hope that the doctors really do not know what the future holds for Dani or anyone. One day at a time is my motto and to show the people you love, how much.

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Anonymous said...

you, jason, dani and the boys show me everyday what unconditional love is really all about!

God bless u all and have faith, the doctors do not know what the future holds for any of us~!

Love you all!!! keep warm and stay inside for a few days, this weather will pass!!!!