Monday, November 13, 2006

Day +4

WBC - 0.2
H - 11.5
P - 30
ANC - 200
These counts are still going down....

Dani is still going strong!!! She is starting to lose a little hair, although with as much as she has you can not tell yet. She was in some pain last night and we gave her Oxyicoden (sp?) and that did the trick. She slept from 9:45 pm to 8:00 am this morning. She was in a jolly mood this morning. She is still losing weight but does seem to be getting her appetite back so we are going to push solids so they do not have to intervene with TPN (Tube from nose to stomach). From everything I have heard it is very hard to wean them off of that. She will receive Platelets today and to keep that from interfering with her liquid she is allowed they are going to do one of the antiobotics orally again instead of through the IV.

I do not have her lab counts back yet so I will update that later when I get them along with some new pictures. I am going to start hanging her get well cards in her room so she can see them.

I am not sure how it works but if you go to you can send her a note that we will receive and put up on her window.

9:49pm ... Still all is well here. She is hopefully down for the night and I am not far behind her. She still has high levels of her antirejection meds so they will not give her those again tonight and redo labs tomorrow. She is having some discomfort but not sure if that is just her teeting (2 bottom teeth trying to break through or something more. I will update again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Caitlin has not really eaten since Day -1, and they are not going to put her on a feeding tube. They have been giving her nutrients and lipids through her central line. Her weight has been steady. She is now starting to eat, but throwing it back up. They think she is over the worse of the mucocytis (however you spell it) so she should be able to start eating soon.

William, Katrina and Caitlin