Monday, November 27, 2006

Day +18

WBC - 6.1
Hemo - 10.6
Platelets - 101
ANC - 4148
Weight - 9.745 kg

I king of vegged this weekend. Dani is still doing great. She is still clingy and not as happy as she use to be but they said the steriod would do that. We will gradually ween her off of it starting Dec 7th and she should be done with it the first week or so in January.

She has had a couple of juicy diapers but I have been trying to feed her higher starch foods and that seems to be helping. We have clinic today at 11:30 so I will update later with all the details.

We got most of our Christmas decorations up this weekend which Jason initiated on Saturday. So it is nice to see them. I still do not know where I am going to put the tree so I have not gotten to that yet.

PJ is still holding strong and there is small improvements each day it seems. Please keep him and Dani in your continued thoughts and prayers.

Updated 5:11 pm
They were all very happy with how Dani is doing. I am interested to see the trend in her numbers now that she is not getting the booster shot to help them grow. I was very suprised her Platelets have maintained as well as they did. Go Dani Go!!!

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