Saturday, November 11, 2006

Day +2

From Mommy:

I stayed with Dani last night and she is still doing well. She does not have much of an appetite which is good because she is only allowed 8 ounces of formula a day. She can eat whatever she wants though. That is so her organs during this transition are not overworked. They will slow down getting use to the new donors cells. I am sure that is not the correct medical information but it is the only way I know how to explain it. Daddy is with her today and this evening so I am sure he will update later on.

From Daddy:

In taking over from mommy in the morning, Dani seemed to be doing well. As the day progressed, especially when just waking up, it is becoming apparent that she is feeling the effects of all of this. She seems achey, however, whenever we play or right after she eats its business as usual happy fun time. I will say that Dani is becoming a huge fan of iTunes. Hehe. We downloaded about 30 kids sing along songs the other day and she absolutely loves sitting on my lap listening and dancing to tunes and watching the "visualizer". The visualizer is a series of random pictures and colors, lines and squiggles that play over an over and she watches it like a hawk! She is definitely starting to miss home and being fed up with being here, but we have a little while yet to go. Dani's cell counts continue to fall, she was down to an ANC of just 33 and I expect that number to being half or at zero today. She is at her most vulnerable right now. And she is still handling it like a trooper. Amazing young lady. She has not lost any of her hair yet, and perhaps she wont which would be fine with me. She is only able to have 8 ounces of liquids per day, which most is taken with her oral medications. But she isnt really complaining yet. Our friends down the hall with their daughter that is going through the same thing at the same time as Dani is also on fluid restriction and they tell me she is up in arms about it. Dani has such a sweet disposition....that will come handy later in life too, especially around our house. Hehe. We had a new nurse last night and she was ok, but didnt do a bang up job like the others of keeping Dani asleep while adding medications or taking labs so we were up at 3:30am for a little while.We did have some very special visitors today which was great. Great Grandma Boni, Great Aunt Janet, Second Cousin Justin, and Great Aunt Laura all came up. It was really good to see them and I know they enjoyed seeing baby girl too. I have to thank them for the little gift basket of food and magazines.....daddy needs to feed his fat belly. Hehe. But more over I was so impressed and filled with joy with the cards that Dani's cousins, Jack and Megan's, classmates made for her. They were are all so sweet and touching. We are going to hang all of those up all over the room today. We have already put up the new pictures of Jack and Megan we have on her closet door which over looks her bed. So we have Jack and Megan watching over their baby cousin and I know Dani feels better because of that. Well there will be more to come for Day +3. Love you all.

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Gary & Sandy said...

Sounds like everythings going real good.We have her in are prays. An we know she's going to do great. We like reading all these updates, keep them coming and give her a big kiss for us. Love Gary and Sandy