Thursday, November 23, 2006

Day +14


WBC - 10.7
Hemoglobin - 10.5
Platelets - 40 (Probably have to get them tomorrow)
ANC - 7704
Weight - 10.1 kg
Total Cell Diffed - 100
Metamyelocytes - 1
Neutrophilic Bands - 6
Neutrophils - 66
Monocytes - 27

They gave me all the instruction yesterday for home care. They also called in all the meds to Walgreens for pick up tomorrow. Still not packing until they say we can leave. She is getting her antirejection (Cyclosprine) right now and that should be done by 10am and they are unhooking her from the IV. She is on all oral meds now beside the Cyclosprine which will stay IV even at home. We still have a long road to go but she is sooooo strong and wonderful I can not get over it. I know she will be so excited to see her brothers Monday night. They are with their Dad for Thanksgiving.

Encased you missed my update on the last post you can check updates on PJ at . He is doing as expected and we are just hoping and praying that his lungs get better soon!!!

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