Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day +13

Drum Roll Please!!!!

WBC - 4.2

Hemoglobins - 10.9

Platelets - 68

ANC - 1937

Weight - 10.0

Total Cells Diffed 100 (Yipee!!!!) That means there could of been more than 100 they just look at the first 100 they find.

Neutrophilic Bands 2 (These are baby cells ... that means she is producing!!!)

Neutrophils 44

Lymphocytes 5

Monocytes 49

The pictures are of her bath this morning. She is doing wonderful!!!! They reduced her pain meds and will take her to oral tomorrow. They reduced a few of her other meds to oral and the rest tomorrow. She may be able to be unhooked tomorrow so we do not have to worry about her lines anymore. She is still eating and drinking well and her blood pressure has been great. She is in a much better mood today and not whiny at all. She is napping right now. She is also off fluid restriction.

I cleaned up most of her room at home last night and disinfected it. I wash all the toys that I could in hot water and threw away the ones I could not wash. There is no way I am taking a chance of her getting sick. I sprayed down the furniture with Anti-bacterial Febreeze and bought the new clorox spray that is safe for kids.
They have already called Coram (Our home nursing agency) to have them come out to show me how to do the IV Infusions. She will be on a ton of meds when we get home. I will list them out when I have them. She will not be able to go out for the first 100 days except to the hospital. Visitors will be kept to a minimum and if you have been around anyone that is sick then you should not be around her. We have game plans for the boys if they get sick and we will see how that plays out. As I learn more I will let you know. Friends of Kids with Cancer are supplying Thanksgiving Dinner tonight at 5pm. Something to look forward too.
They created a journal for PJ. This will keep you up to date with his progress.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving from Caitlin, Katrin and William

Keep on growing cells!