Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day +12

Counts are in Counts are in!!!!

WBC 0.9 (WOW!!!)
Hemoglobins 9.9
Platelets 108
ANC 450!!!!
Weight 10.1
Total Cell Diffed 20
Neutrophils 50
Lymphocytes 5
Monocytes 45

Well it seems part of the reason Dani was not feeling well yesterday had to do with her stomach. She had a HUGE explosive diaper yesterday after lunch and seemed much better. She is still a little whiny and very clingy but you can tell she is feeling better than yesterday morning. She is still eating and drinking fine.

P.J. had some difficulties with his lungs yesterday. I am not sure of the details but please continue to keep Dani and P.J. in your prayers!!!!

10:37 am ... They are talking about her coming home Friday or Saturday!!! Keep those prayers coming.

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Anonymous said...

How great they are talking about Dani's release date!!!!

As for the explosive diaper, Charleigh has been having them for a couple of days, so something is going around, but doesn't seem to be too bad if they can get it out of their system!!!

Love you all, Happy Thanksgiving!!!