Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day -2

Well I guess the rocky part starts. Since last night at 8:30 Dani has not kept anything down. They are going to put her on a steroid (Dexamethasone) to help with the nausea and they are changing two of her meds to IV because she has not kept any of her heart meds nor the new ones down that have been oral. If the steroid does not work they will move more meds to IV so that she is at least getting them.

The lack of communication with the doctors and nurses aggravated me a bit last night. They are watching her Ins and Outs to make sure she is not retaining fluid because of her heart and the cardiologist said if they get to a positive 500 ml (I think) that she should get extra lasix to get rid of the fluid. Well since she has been throwing everything she gets in her up obviously (or I would think it was) she is not going to pee as much as she should. But the nurse last night without telling me (I was sleeping) gave her an extra dose of lasix because her ins and outs where off. When she told me I was so bothered by it I could not go back to sleep (that was around 2 30 this morning and we did not go to bed till Midnight). I talk to Dani's pediatrician this morning and she talked to the nurses and I will also mention something to Dr. Hayashi (BMT Dr). Some common sense needs to be used to go along with doctor's orders. Not a big deal but I do not want her any more uncomfortable then she already is.

I will update again in a bit....


shannon said...

How frustrating things can be!
Sorry, I forgot it was her birthday (don't know why, Greg's birthday was yesterday and she is exactly a month after Greg's and exactly a month before Charleigh, slipped that one by me, never again!)

Love you all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Pretty soon this will be water under the bridge!

Anonymous said...

I keep checking in to see how you are doing, Dani. Extra prayers headed your way and also for your mommy. I hope you feel better quickly, Kelli, and are able to be there tomorrow night.

Kris K.