Friday, November 24, 2006

Day +15

WBC - 8.6
Hemoglobins - 10.1
Platelets - 30
ANC - 6394

She is home!!!! She is sleeping in her own bed at the moment. I am just sitting down after getting about half of her stuff unpacked. Her medicines look daunting but I think we will get a grip on it. I need to thank my mom, my sister sharon, and good friend Michelle for coming out this morning and helping me disinfect the house.

She did end up getting platelets today. They said it was expected that her numbers would go down a bit because they stopped the medicine that helped to boost them quickly yesterday. Now she is on her own to keep producing. The home nurse care will come tonight to show me how to do her IV infusions.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home sweet baby girl,I am so happy you are home with your Mommy,Daddy & Brothers,in your own bed. I love very much, Love & Hugs Grandma Dunn

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a thanksgiving gift!

William, Katrina and Caitlin