Monday, November 20, 2006

Day +11

WBC - 0.3 (Yeah!!!)

Hemoglobins - 9.9

Platelets - 24 (She is getting some today)

ANC - 228

Weight 10.0 kg

Dani and Daddy had another rough night last night. She has not slept in quite a while. They upped her pain medication again this morning and she is napping right now. As you can see by her numbers she is showing cell growth. I am not getting my hopes up to high but the nurse said tomorrow we should really see them jump.

Nothing new to report on P.J. I will update again later. The picture is the Gabe, Ethan, Colin (My great-nephew), and I at Dave and Buster's yesterday. Everyone had a blast and when we left we went to Target so Ethan could spend his money and he bought a ton of Star Wars stuff.

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