Friday, November 10, 2006

Day +1

I have to agree with Caitlin's Dad (Another baby girl with Hurler's that got a transplant a week ago in Cincinnati) it is wonderful to be on the plus side.

7:22 am Dani did wonderfully through the night. Her vitals are stable. She needed nothing extra to help her and she pretty much slept all night. She is a little pink this morning but Yvonne (the nurse practioner) said that she might be because they gave her a little more donor cells then she needed. She took her morning meds no problem and 3 ounces of formula. She has lost most of her appetite since the throwing up period Monday night. Thank you guys for all your thoughts and prayers!!!! Dani is a fighter and a trooper and I will post pics (I promise) and more updates later on today.

1:45 pm Dani is still doing wonderfully!!! She is in a good mood and ate some greenbeans and peaches from Grandma. She was chuckling as hard as we have heard her because Grandma was trying to sneak greenbeans in around the peaches and making funny faces at her. Below is a video from last night of her getting the transplant.


shannon bell said...

Yeah its day 1+. What a great day!
Hope this is a wonderful day! I am sooo proud of Dani, what a strong girl!

Love you all!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad the day came!!!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. One of the "wierd" things that we noticed is Caitlin smelled like Cream of Corn after she had the transplant. Did that happen with Dani? Good luck, and we are thinking about you guys constantly.

William, Katrina and Caitlin

Anonymous said...

I forget to add: GROW CELLS GROW!!!!