Saturday, November 18, 2006

Day +9

WBC - 0.1
Hemoglobins - 9.9
Platelets - 11
ANC - 90
Weight - 10.0 kg (22.0 lbs)

Well we have a small sign of cells starting to grow today. I am going to try to explain to you how they get the ANC number. The nurses draw blood every morning at 4 am. The results comes back as the above counts plus a second page. The second page is the lab taking a smear of blood and counting up to 100 White Blood Cells. They then take those 100 (or how ever many they found) and give percentages of the types of WBC there are. There are many different types. Lately we have only see Neutrophils. The ANC number is the percent of Neutrophils times the WBC moving the decimal point to the right once. So as examples yesterday they found 2 cells on the smear and both with Neurtophils so that means they were at 100% and her WBC were .1 so if you multiply that you get 10 and then move the decimal point to the right one and you get a 100 so her ANC was 100.

Sorry if I am losing some of you just ignore me. Some people reading are trying to figure out where my numbers come from. Today they found 10 cells on the smear (9 Neutrophils and 1 Monocyte) so her ANC is 90. The good news is that the first cells that will start growing is Monocytes ... so YEAH stuff is happening even though it is a small thing.

Ok.... Anyway .... She received Platelets this morning. She was overall ok when she woke up but it seems like the 4 hours is to long an interval for her pain meds. About an hour in to taking the med she acts like she is really hurting (moaning in her sleep) so they are starting her on an IV pain med today at 10am. They are just going to try to run it 24 hours and then go back to oral. Hopefully this will help. She is still eating and drinking well. She is on one oral antibiotic that is a hit and miss when giving it to her. It is called Cipro and it is really grainy so twice since she has been in she has thrown up right after taking it and last night was the second time. She had just eaten bananas and veggies (baby food) and it all came up. I believe that is why her weight is down again today.

Daddy is coming in soon and I am heading home with the boys. Tomorrow is Ethan's birthday the boys and I are going to Dave and Buster's and meeting up with Grandma Dunn and Aunt Vicki at 1pm. Anyone that would like to come up is more than welcome.

P.J. is the same. They are now saying they will let him come out of the coma when his lungs are better. Keep those prayers going for both Dani and Pie-Eye!!!!

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