Sunday, November 05, 2006

Day -4

From Daddy. The nurses decided at 6am they wanted to weight her, naked. So we had to wake her up, undress her, convience her to sit still, and then get her dressed again. Which see did with just a little fussing. If someone woke me up like that, I believe I would release my inner bear, but once again this kid shows her resiliency and sweet demeanor. She is unbelievable. She did fall right back to sleep so I decided to clean up the room a little bit, put away the sleeping materials and get her breakfast semi-ready, oh yeah and type this up too. Looking forward to another good day, God willing. I believe Kelli is going to sleep in, which is great to hear, and then I think she said she would be up early afternoon after petering around the house for a little. More to come.

Back to Mom. Dani did pretty well this afternoon. She got her bath and played on her mat for awhile with her toys. After nap she ate and took all her meds and then we went to play some more on her mat. Ummmm she does not seem to like boundaries ... imagine that. So when I told her she could not go off the mat she had a tizzy (picture above) she got over it when she discovered the tags on the pillows. She seems like she is ready for bed now but since it is only 8:00 we are gonna keep hacking away until at least 9:30.

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Anonymous said...

I'm shocked to hear that a child of Jason and Kelli doesn't like boundaries. LOL!

I'm praying for you guys and your family, glad to hear that things are going as decent as they can be.

With Love,
Julie U