Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day +6

WBC - 0.3
Hemaglobin - 10.7
Platelets - 42
ANC - 225
Weight 10.1 kg

Dani is still doing well. She will probably be getting platelets tomorrow. They are going to prick her arm again today. Dr. Hayashi wants to find out how her line got contaminated so they are drawing blood from both lines and her arm to compare. She has a very slight runny nose that we will keep an eye on (it is running clear). We got another batch of letters this morning!!! They are wonderful to get as are all your comments and prayers.

I will try to update again later....

7:51 pm

Well when drawing blood from her arm I did see a mouth sore. I did not think at the time it was any big deal because she has been really good but tonight she is definitely acting like she is in pain. While sleeping she will just start crying and moaning. They said if it gets too bad they can up the dose of pain medicine or even go to IV form. She is not that bad yet so I am waiting for her to wake up from her nap and we will see how she is then.

Down in room 2, Jordan, is looking like he will make his great escape tomorrow. That is fantastic as he just was admitted Oct 22nd. He has not been here four weeks yet. Please wish him luck and keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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sami said...

sending big huggys & kissys for baby Dani..lov ya baby..