Saturday, November 18, 2006

Day +10

Happy Birthday Brother Ethan! I love you, your sister Dani.

ANC 46
WBC .1
Hemoglobin 9.6
Platletets 46
Cells on the Smear 11
Neutorphils 46%
Lymphocytes 27%
Monocytes 27%

The nursing staff indicated that today would be free from give Dani any platelets or blood. However they are continuing with the pain medication they put her on yesterday with the exception that it is now going to be on a continuous drip instead of an interval basis. Last night was a hard one. Neither of us sleep at all. Up every half hour or so the the nurses doing this and that, and the idiotic pump going off consistently with alarms about occlusions, but there wasnt any visable. Finally I decided to just turn it off. She got her meds this morning as normal and thank God she went to sleep. She has been up twice for a few moments this morning but went right back down after a few minutes of Daddy's shoulder. We will be letting her sleep as long as she wants this morning, then taking our bath and eating a good breakfast.

I am really upset that I am going to miss Ethan's birthday today, but happy that he, Gabe, and Mommy will be having some fun together at Dave and Busters. My poor mom has been fighting sickness this whole time Dani has been in and she was going to try to watch Dani today so all of us could be together, but she is taking a turn for the worse. God love her. She needs to just get some rest.

Sounded like news about PJ was more positive than before so that was great to hear. Please keep PJ in mind today in your prayers, as well as, his family. (Kelli: They took the bandages off of PJ last night to redo them and left them off of his face. My niece, Erin, called me and said he looked just like PJ and they were soooo happy!!! His ears, head, arms, and hands are still covered so they are not sure how bad they are but the plastic surgeon has had nothing but good things to say so far. His big question right now is his lungs and that is our wait and see. We are taking good moments as we get them)

Day +10: A milestone. Seems like we have been here forever on one hand, but it was just yesterday the product was delivered. I cant wait to have her home and be home with her.....this gets harder everyday being in here...just getting tired of it all. Anyways, love you all. Thanks for checking in and there may be more added later depending on the outcome of today's events. Love Daddy.

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