Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day -8

Well we are in the room and everything is wiped down ... I not only disinfected all the toys but wiped down all the drawers, shelfs, and dressers. No point taking any unnecessary risk. She just got her anti nausea medicine and we are waiting on the chemo. They said it would only take a half hour to do and we actually should not see any negative effects for a few days (possibly a week). We will have to clean her mouth with special medicine 4 times a day to hopefully prevent mouth sores. It is going to be interesting keeping her entertained and contained all at the same time. She is just taking her first nap now and it is almost 2 pm. I will try to log back in tonight and update you again.

Update: It is 9pm and she is just getting to sleep. She really hates this bed and all the interruptions. She spike a little fever but other than that I think she is doing ok. It is hard to tell because of the lack of sleep and what exactly is making her crabby. Praying she settles in and figures out how to nap through all of this.

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