Sunday, November 12, 2006

Day +3

WBC - 0.2
H - 11.6
P - 46
ANC - 100

From Mommy: I just got here at 7:30pm and do not have too much to tell. I will see if Dad is going to update later on. Dani is still doing well and eating solid better today than before. She is also more tired which is normal. They had to rerun labs at 4:00pm today because her anti rejection med is high in her system. The night nurse said they would not be giving it to her this evening and rerun the labs in the morning. I am going to start putting her counts on here. Just to explain we will be watching her White Blood Cell Count (WBC), Hemoglobins (H), Platelets (P), and ANC. If the hemoglobins get below 7 or her Platelets get below 30 they will do transfusions on either of those. Her ANC is a calculation and can fluctuate but that is the number that needs to be at 500 or above 3 days in a row and rise each day. I believe her counts are still going down and they do not anticipate us seeing them go upward until 3 weeks from transplant. She is currently losing a little weight because of the fluid restriction. She weighed 22 lbs today (10.0 kg) she has been as high as 23.54 lbs (10.7kg).

I went home yesterday morning and cleaned the house and got laundry caught up. The yard is full of leaves and we do not know when we will get to them since by the time Jason gets home it is dark and he is up here on the weekends. I felt bad when all the neighbors where raking their's today and the wind was blowing ours into their yard. I did get a lot accomplished inside though and felt better after it was all done. I will post more tomorrow. I hope you all had a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there!!! We are so excited for you! I am sure your neighbors (**Hope that is spelt correctly**) won't mind your leaves at all (and I am sure they are ready to rake them up for you - they just haven't gotten to yours yet).

For now, the most important thing to think about it GROWING CELLS!!!!


William, Katrina & Caitlin

shannon said...

Don't worry about the leaves! They will get covered with snow soon enough!
Kiss baby girl for me and tell her how very proud we are all of her!


Jason Boni said...

Daddy thinks that might be direct shot at my hull!! Hehe. Love you Mommy!