Friday, November 17, 2006

Day +8 Updated

WBC - 0.1
Hemoglobins - 10.1
Platelets - 35
ANC - 100
Weight 10.3 kg
The top three pics explain themselves but the bottom one we wanted to say thanks to Diane and Janice in Cincinatti for Dani's wonderful quilt!!! She obviously loves it. Also Shannon, Greg, and Charleigh for her big Elmo balloon. The one pictures you can obviously see how thin her hair was right before we shaved it. She hated being held still but was all smiles when we were done.
My breakdown is over. I do not have labs yet and wont for awhile. They wanted to draw blood from her arm this morning at 4 am but I asked them to put it off till 6am. The tech did not get here till closer to 7am so it will take awhile to get results back on them. Miss Dani is losing clumps of hair now. We will probably end up shaving it today. She is still doing ok. Definitely showing signs of not feeling well. They have her on pain medicine every four hours by mouth right now and its helping but I believe they will go to IV soon. She was wonderful when they drew the blood and patty caked right afterwards.

P.J. (or as I call him Pie-Eye) is going to be in a medically induced coma for 2-3 weeks. He was conscious when he got to the hospital and knew they were going to put him under. He is an officer in the Navy and was supervising some work. From the details I have the person in front of him got the blunt of the explosion and PJ pulled him back and then collapsed. They said he was working on pure adrenline (sp?). He has 2nd degree burns on his hands. And they are saying 3rd degree burns on the right side of his head, face, and neck. They are not sure if those burn are down to the bone or not. He has damaged to his Trachea and soot in his lungs. He is critical for the next 72 hours and will get pneumonia which he is on antibotics for and lots of fluid. He is very swollen. My sister and his dad are there with him now but only can go in for certain amount of time. His sisters are flying out today to see him. Below is a link to the article about the accident. There is not a lot of detail.

Please keep both Dani and PJ in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kelli, I was so upset to read this this morning. I'm sorry this happened at the most stressful time of your life. We'll add PJ to our prayer list.

I'm amazed at how well you're keeping yourself together. You're an inspiration.



kiltsandthistles said...

I know you don't know me but I have been keeping up with Danica and your family. I pray daily for you all and will definitely add PJ to the list. God Bless, JoyAnna

Jason Boni said...

This part is really hard for me for some reason, harder than the sleepless nights, harder than missing my family all being in the same house together. Perhaps because the battle in her body is now showing outward signs. It makes me very sad, but knowing that its necessary to get her better I will get through it. I love you baby girl. Daddy