Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day +7

WBC - 0.2
Hemoglobins - 9.4
Platelets - 14
ANC - 100
Weight - 10.2 kg (22.44 lbs)

It seems like yesterday in some regards that Dani got her transplant and then it seems like a life time ago in others. She did ok overnight. She is definitely in some type of pain. But nothing too severe. She woke up at 3:30 crying (a couple times before that just restless) and we gave her some pain meds then. She slept soundly until 7:00 and I gave her the heart meds with a little formula and managed to get her back to sleep. I do not have labs back yet but they did say she would need platelets today which I kind of figured. The bonus is they said it would not count against her fluid restriction this time either ... YEAH!!! She is both eating and drinking really well. Not to the regard she was before this but she definitely has her appetite back to some degree.

The pictures above are Dani in one of her new nightgowns Grandma Boni bought her.

In case some of you are wondering her eyes are not getting better because Mommy and Daddy do not want to torture her with the eye patches through this process. Although Mommy tried the other day and even with mittens on she managed to get it off. We will work on that when we get home.

Update: 5:07 ... Dani is still doing well. Definitely not as happy as usual and starting to lose a lot of hair.

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